Early March in Provo:

We have the parks to ourselves most of the time. We all have to wear several layers of clothes to stay warm and the stroller is crowded with fleece blankets. Despite my preparations within a few minutes fingertips and chubby cheeks are pink and noses start to drip. My 2.5 year old begs for hot chocolate and to go home after only ten minutes.

You’d think that because I brought so much stuff to the park the kids could stay forever, but they are just beginning to use their atrophied muscles again after the long winter indoors. Their strength has been lost and they have no stamina. A half hour at the park yields an hour or two nap once we get home.
For the most part, I’m pleased with those results because my levels of endurance are also at a low point. I can’t endure picking up the legos 12 times a day. I can’t endure another showing of Finding Dory. I just can’t endure another minute inside our tiny house and once the temperature reaches 50 degrees, all I can think of is summertime!
Fast forward to September in Provo:
We have a play date first thing in the morning with plenty of time out on the swing set and sandbox in the back yard. Immediately following our play date we’d either go to a park, on a short hike, or to a splash pad for lunch with my sister and her kids. Six hours of constant activity and three changes of clothes in March would give me the afternoon off, but in September only the baby naps. My 3 year-old demands that we do watercolors and play house (where she is always the mom and I’m usually referred to as “Hey, Kid!”) as soon as we walk through the door.
The recipe for a napping house and a free afternoon doesn’t work by the end of the Summer. I realize that my toddler is now 3 years old and maybe doesn’t need a nap, but I need her to need a nap! Somehow her endurance levels have surpassed mine and I can’t wear her out without being totally worn out myself. I find myself reaching for Dory… take the reins, you beautiful tropical fish… Mommy needs a nap.
Mini Bio:  I love studying the pros and cons of different (non-traditional) methods of teaching and learning and enjoy experimenting with my 3 year old and 18 month old girls. Read more about Emily on our About Us page.

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